Frequently Asked Questions


QWho should I call if I'm injured, or get into an accident?
If you are injured, decide first whether you can apply first aid and descend the mountain on your own or not. If you are not able to do so on your own, call the police for help on your cell phone (dial 110). There is a good chance that they will be able to rescue you promptly if you describe where the accident occurred accurately. If you don't have a cell phone, try to borrow one from a passerby, or ask someone to run to the nearest mountain hut to request help.
QCan I use my credit card at mountain huts?
You cannot use credit cards at mountain huts. It is important to always carry cash, especially on consecutive holidays, or during peak season for autumn foliage, when mountain huts become particularly busy. We also recommend that you bring many 1000 yen bills and coins as opposed to 10,000 yen bills because mountain huts often run short on change during these times.
QAre there public restrooms on mountain trails or in mountain huts?
Mountain huts have restrooms, but in the Northern Alps, most will charge 100 yen. This fee supports local nature conservation, so please abide by the rules and pay the fee. Also please be aware that some of these toilets require you to dispose of toilet paper in a specified garbage bin, and not the latrine pit. There are few toilets on the trail, so be sure to check the map for their location before you begin hiking.
QWhere can I ask about trail/local information or request a guide?
You can call the Azumino City Tourist Information Center (0263-82-9363) for hiking info and to request a trail guide. You can also find complete tourist and restaurant information in English, Chinese, and Korean at this website ( You can also check the Matsumoto Tourist Information Center (0263-32-2814), which is specially designated to help foreigners. They will provide information on local tourism here in addition to any hiking information.
QWill I be able to use my cell phone? Do mountain huts have Wi-Fi?
You should be able to get reception at the mountain summit as well as many of the ridges. However, you will not be able to use your cell phone in any of the forests or valleys where it is difficult to get reception. For the most part, none of the mountain huts offer free Wi-Fi. However, around the Yokoo Sanso, Yarisawa Lodge, Yarigatake, and Enzansou areas there is Wi-Fi service available for a fee. (Available from June to October for 540 yen per day).