Hiking Gear

Hiking Gear

Recommended gear for summer hiking

In the Northern Japan Alps, the weather can change suddenly and temperatures can drop quickly even during the summer. Having appropriate gear with you is therefore important to enjoy a safe and comfortable hike.


Choose a breathable synthetic or wool material that dries quickly as opposed to cotton that will stay cold and damp when wet.

2.Hiking Shirt

A breathable, quick-drying shirt is recommended. A shirt with long sleeves and a collar is even better for sun protection.

3.Hiking Pants

Stretchable, light weight hiking pants or shorts worn over hiking tights are comfortable especially during the hot summer months.

4.Hiking Boots

High-cut hiking boots with good ankle support and traction is recommended for the Northern Japan Alps where you’ll often be hiking along rocky ridges.

5.Trekking Poles

Trekking poles will help you with balance and also reduce the stress on your knees. Strong and durable aluminum poles are recommended for beginners.


A backpack with a 20-30L capacity is sufficient for day hikes. A 30-50L backpack if staying at a mountain hut and 50-70L if bringing a tent.
  • Rainwear

    Rainjacket & Pants

    A waterproof-breathable rain jacket and pants are must-have items when hiking in Japan where you’ll encounter a lot of rain and humidity.

  • Warm jacket

    Warm jacket

    A versatile down or synthetic jacket or a light fleece jacket are good items to have in the mornings and evenings when the temperatures drop.

  • Helmet


    Wearing a lightweight, breathable mountaineering helmet is recommended when hiking in the Northern Japan Alps for your safety.

  • Other small items

    Other small items

    Bring sunglasses and sunblock to protect you from the strong sun up in the alpine mountains. Don’t forget to bring your emergency first aid kit as well!

HIKING GEAR LISTFor an overnight stay at a mountain hut

Hiking shirt Hiking pants Socks
Gloves Hat Warm clothing/jacket
Hiking shoes/boots Gaitors Change of clothes
Rain jacket & pants Backpack Backpack cover
Headlamp Spare batteries Toiletries
Towel Sunglasses Sunblock
Knife Map Compass
Writing utensil (pen) Emergency first aid kit Toilet paper
Camping stove & fuel Dishes & cutlery Food/snacks
Tselt * Garbage bag Trekking poles
Mobile phone

○ Mandatory △ Recommended
*A "tselt" is a lightweight emergency shelter/tent.