Northern Japan Alps Panorama-Ginza Azumino City Hiking Guide

Introductionto the Northern Japan Alps

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The Plants & Animalsof the Northern Japan Alps

Komakusaa pair of grouses

The five famous mountains inPanorama Ginza & Omote Ginza

Mt. Jonen | 2857m The massive pyramid shaped mountain is also the symbol of Azumino City.
Mt. Chogatake | 2677m Named after a butterfly (“cho”) shape that appears in a snow valley in the spring.
Mt. Otensho | 2922m The highest peak between Mt. Tsubakuro and Mt. Yarigatake along the Omote Ginza route.
Mt. Tsubakuro | 2763m Popular for its unusual granite rock formations and beautiful pink alpine flowers.
Mt. Yarigatake | 3180m The pointed peak of "Japan's Matterhorn" is one of the most famous in the Northern Alps.