Azumino Chikyuyado

Japanese name: 安曇野地球宿

The Chikyuyado is an old farmer house, which was built about 80 years ago. We rebuilt it as a fantastic and nostalgic guesthouse. We, the Masuda family live in this house, and you’re welcomed as a member of our family with much hospitality. Chikyuyado is located in an agriculture area with many apple trees and other crops. You can experience agriculture and country life, and enjoy friendship and communicating with the locals. There is a hot spring is near here and you can enjoy a nice view. Our cuisine is made with organic produce and we make rice, beans, and vegetables.

The nearest station is Hitoichiba Station on the Oito Line. We can pick you up at the station.

Minshuku Horigane/Misato Area
4028-1 Misato Ogura