Japan’s Largest Wasabi Farm & Local Cuisine

Daio Wasabi Farm enjoys great popularity as a unique spot in Nagano and Japan as a whole. Beautifully clear water streams down from the Northern Japan Alps and into Azumino, allowing farmers to cultivate healthy, spicy wasabi. Hundreds of thousands of visitors both Japanese and from abroad flock to the farm every year to experience the nation’s largest wasabi farm firsthand and sample some authentic wasabi. Other wasabi-flavored goods, like beer and ice cream, are also available.

Daio Wasabi Farm Wasabi & Other Local Specialties

Azumino also hosts a rich variety of local cuisine from soba-inspired dishes to freshly picked mountain vegetables. Produce grown here is particularly popular, with a variety of fruits available for picking in the fall. Visit an apple orchard to eat fresh, crisp, juicy apples right off the tree, or gather some plump, juicy blueberries! Another popular activity is making your very own handmade soba. You get to eat it, too, of course!

Blueberry Picking Soba Making

The Towering Northern Japan Alps, Rice Field Vistas, and Bubbling Hot Springs

Enjoy classic views of rural Japan. Sky-high peaks of the Northern Japan Alps soar above fields of rice and soba below. For a more modern take on rural Japanese life, keep an eye out for rice paddy art! Make the most of these natural playgrounds in and around Azumino by cycling, strolling, hiking, trekking, or even taking a simple drive through them.

Rice Paddy Art

After you’ve had your fill of adventure, be sure to visit one of the countless hot springs in the area to rest your weary body. Hotaka Hot Springs and more await you.

Hot Springs

Hiking & Cycling

Azumino is but one of many entrances to the Japan Alps, a range of mountains with many peaks over 3,000 meters in height. For a less difficult yet still satisfying hike, look to Mt. Hikarujo. This mountain is renowned for its beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, and unlike the daunting Japan Alps it can be hiked in between 2 and 3 hours.

Hiking the Japan Alps Detailed Hiking Information Mt. Hikarujo Hike

Visitors can choose to tackle these summits or simply enjoy the stunning views they offer. Cycling throughout Azumino and its bountiful nature is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the mountains while also stopping by shrines and other local landmarks. Rent-a-cycles, shared cycles, guided tours, and even long-distance rides all the way to Hakuba are available.

Cycling in Azumino

Art Museums, Cafes, and Alcohol

Hosting nearly 20 art museums, Azumino occupies a special place in Japan and is known as a town of art. This collection of museums is officially called the “Azumino Art Line”. The Rokuzan Art Museum is particularly popular, hosting exquisite Japanese sculptures and making for a great photo spot thanks to its gorgeous garden and fabulous facade. Historic shrines, guardian statues, and more can also be found all throughout Azumino.


Azumino is well-known for its chic cafes, great bakeries, and local sake. A number of museums, restaurants, and cafes are located around the Hotaka Hot Springs Area.

Restaurants & Shops

Located near Matsumoto and Hakuba

Just 3 hours away from Tokyo. Matsumoto, Takayama, Snow Monkeys, Hakuba, and a wealth of other popular sightseeing spots are also located near Azumino.