While the natural alpine beauty surrounding Azumino is a reason in itself to visit, a wealth of sightseeing opportunities abound in the area that attract thousands of visitors year after year. One of the most notable of these attractions is undoubtedly Hotaka’s Daio Wasabi Farm, a historic vista that is a short bicycle ride away from the town station, featuring some of the most picturesque scenes in the area.

For those wanting to admire Azumino from a higher vantage, the Azumino National Park is a delightful conservation area that seamlessly blends nature, children’s activities and educational attractions with a breathtaking panoramic view of the area.

But perhaps the crown jewel of Azumino is the extensive network of museums and galleries that form the Azumino Art Line. These cultural landmarks offer an overwhelming array of collections and exhibits that showcase both local and international talent, while also providing visitors with a deeper insight into Japanese culture and art.


The quantity of galleries and museums in the Azumino valley is astoundingly impressive, but the quality and diversity of work showed makes the Azumino Art line a unique treasure. Many artists, like Chihiro Iwasaki, hold Azumino as a spiritual retreat, a place where divides between art and nature or artist and environment are blurry at best.

Alps surrounding Azumino are awe-inspiring, but the presence of the countless galleries, museums, and cafes gives Azumino an encompassing sense of place.In addition to the various art/nature parks and environmental museums there are galleries, cafes, and museums dedicated to contemporary art, painting, glasswork, photography, sculpture, illustration, children’s picture books, local tensan silk work, and Japanese lacquerware.

Ogiwara Rokuzan, Setsuro Urushi, Emile Galle, Jean Jansem and Chihiro Iwasaki are just a few of the internationally renowned Japanese and International artists displayed in the valley.

Please feel free to browse the following attractions for just a taste of what Azumino has to offer.


Take a stroll through Hotakajuku, Azumino’s old post town!

Located near the station, the Hotakajuku area has a number of both traditional and new shops, making it a great place to find souvenirs and try local foods. You can also see some beautiful old buildings remaining from the area’s post town days. Stop by here on the way to—or on the way back from—the Wasabi Farm! Get more information about specific shops and restaurants on our Cuisine & Shopping directory.

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