Jansem Art Museum

Japanese name: Azumino Jansen Bijutsukan (安曇野ジャンセン美術館)

The Azumino Jansem may be tucked away in the woods of Azumino, but it has an internationally impressive collection of work from the Armenian born French painter. The Jansem presents a rare view into the French Art Noveu movement through the eyes of Jean Jansem.

The Azumino Jansem Museum has two permanent gallery spaces with a rotating special exhibition on the main floor of the entrance way. The temporary exhibition features artists such as Jean-Pierre Cassigneul, while the Janesm gallery spaces display some of Jansem’s most popular motifs like his ballerinas.
Throughout the gallery, Jansem’s fantastical fascination with the everyday is evident in his depiction of Greek fisherman, Italian masquerades, and French women.

Jansem around the world

  • France: Modern Art Museum, Paris; Poitiers Museum; Fontainebleau Museum; Ennery Museum
  • Japan: Jansem Museum, Tokyo; ***Azumino Jansem Museum, Nagano-Ken
  • Russia: Modern Art Museum, Moscow
  • Armenia: National Museum; Genocide Memorial of Armenia, Erevan
Museum Hotaka Hot Springs Area
15 minute drive from the Azumino Interchange
7 minute taxi ride or 30 minute bike ride from JR Hotaka Station
4018-6 Hotaka Ariake
Adults: ¥850, Children: ¥500
Apr–Nov 9:00-17:00 Dec–Mar 10:00-16:00
Tuesdays (except during Aug. and holidays)
Around New Year's Day