Hotaka Foot Hot Spring (Ashiyu)

Japanese name: Hachimen Daio No Ashiyu (八面大王の足湯)

I have to say, there is nothing like soaking your weary feet in steaming hot water and having a giant demon’s face staring down upon you. This is what you can experience if you visit Hotaka’s famous Foot Hot Spring and its statue of eight enormous stone demon faces. The statue originates from a local fable, which tells of a popular eight-faced demon who once ruled the area a long, long time ago.

Free to all, open year round, and it is even lit at night, making it the perfect place to go and relax after a long hike or warm your toes on a cold winter’s day. So why don’t you take your socks off and jump in with the locals in this unique experience?

Renovated April 2018

Day-use/Foot bath Hotaka Hot Springs Area
7751-1 Hotaka Ariake
10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.