Transportation 2: Bike

It’s fine today.
The sky is blue and there is a pleasant breeze.
I recomend that you rent a bike for traveling around Azumino
on such a nice day.
There are 2 bicycle rental stores near Hotaka station.
The name of the stores are Hitsujiya and Shinano-an.
Both stores have regular bikes, children bikes, mountain bikes, and
battery assisted bikes.
While you are traviling by bike, they can hold your luggage.
They will give you an original cycling map and if you need they can
give you advice on where to go.
Many school students come to Azumino from the city for school
They use bikes for sightseeing.
Coming from the city they really enjoy the beautiful rivers, the clean
air and the wide open spaces.
They love the feeling when riding bicycles in this environment.
Enjoy cycling!!

July 1, 2014 SightseeingActivitiesTransportation

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