Concert in Garden of La Casta

I went to a concert in the open air, held in La Casta in Omachi which offers us a beautiful garden and aromatherapy. The entrance fee was eight hundred yen. We didn’t have to pay an additional fee for the concert! How generous they were! About the concert, a Chinese instrument which has two strings was played by a Chinese performer and a Japanese pianist accompanied him. Their music was beautiful and it released my stress.
As for La Casta, the garden is cleanly kept. You can see various flowers in each season. To see the garden, you have to make a reservation in advance. They can accept about one hundred guests in one day which means they are taking a good care of the garden. Unfortunately it’s closed from late November to early April. They also have a beautiful building. It’s a two-story building and it’s connected to a four-story building which is like a tower. The 4th floor has a fine view of the countryside.
La Casta sells aromatherapy and body care goods. You can make your original fragrance by mixing your favorite scents. I learned citrus and flowers make a good scent from the shop keeper. They care a lot about organic plants when they make their original goods. They offer us samples of shampoo and conditioner. I have an allergy to cosmetics, but their goods are OK for me! They are a bit expensive, but I would like to buy them. They have various kinds of goods such as bath salts, gel for legs, aroma candles, etc.

September 5, 2010 Events

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