Jazz Concert

I went to a Jazz concert organized by La Casta in Omachi city. The admission fee was only one thousand yen! La Casta offers us a garden. It was awesome as usual. Unfortunately, it started to rain as soon as the chairperson introduced the singer and players to us. We ran into the building and went to the large room. They gave us fans and cold refreshments for free. We had not only rain, but also thunder. Furthermore, we experienced blackouts. In a terrible situation, the concert began….
Surprisingly the singer had a powerful voice. Without a microphone and an electronic piano, her voice was OK. Her voice reached the people in the back. It was husky and beautiful. She sang songs with only a guitar, but we were impressed with her voice! She changed a song in the program and sang a song related to the rain. She hosted the concert and told some jokes. We really enjoyed the concert very much in spite of the rain. La Casta gave all of us towels which had eucalyptus’s smell last.

November 19, 2010 Events

One comment on “Jazz Concert

  1. I was there! That was the last time I heard you sing. After leaving CHS, I atdtneed SMS (which is now SMSU) and those crew people were almost all names I remember from the Theatre department there. I had a huge crush on Jerry Darnall, but only worshipped from afar. I was a lowly freshman. I can still remember sitting in the audience thinking I know her! And she is sooo good! I think my friends were driven crazy by my saying it out loud and too often that night, but like I say, I was young I loved your singing and am so pleased to have the memory refreshed.