San-Ku-Ro ( Dondo-Yaki)



A Daruma is a round , paper  red doll that is a symbol of good fortune.

They are said to never let us down , in other words they inspire us to

never give up !

We usually buy Daruma dolls at the beginning of a new year .

When you buy a Daruma , the eyes are blank .

After you buy one , one of the eyes is painted to pray for good luck ,

and the other eye is painted when the prayer is answered .

The Daruma are then brought to a temple or shrine for a traditional

new year burning event called San-Ku-Ro (Dondo-Yaki) .

In  this event ,the Daruma dolls are burned , to pray for good health and

safety for our families.

I took this picture at Hotaka Shrine this morning .

The San-Ku-Ro burning events will take place on January 12th !


January 11, 2015 Events

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