Azumino Fireworks Show

I went to see Azumino Fireworks Show on August 14.
I was very surprised because so many people came to see the show. I parked my car near Tazawa Station and took a shuttle bus to the park. It was the third year for the fireworks show. The news announced that the Azumino Fireworks Show is the second biggest in Nagano. Compared to the Suwako Fireworks Show, which is considered to be the biggest one in Nagano, it’s much easier to get a good seat. Fireworks are a summer staple in Japan. The sound of fireworks reminds me of summer. Large flower-like fireworks burst into the night sky. I can’t forget it. I went there with my foreign friend. She was also impressed! We saw fireworks imitating the four seasons of Azumino. There were also cartoon characters and special messages to precious friends and relatives. I would like to see the show next year as well.

September 1, 2009 EventsMiscellaneous