Instagram Photo Contest 2019

Azumino Photo Contest will be start from this season !


Application period

Autumn section :  2019.9.1~11.30

Winter section  :  2019.12.1~2020.2.29

Food section    :  2019.9.1~11.30

How to appricate

  1. Please follow our official account of →「@visitazumino」
  2. Please input three information
  3. For application Hash tag
  4. By department Hash tag
  5. Photography place or Restaurant’s name
  6. Contribute to Instagram


You have a chance to get a prize!  (Local specialty in Azumino☆)

We are looking forward to seeing your best photo!


More Info…Azumino Tourist Information Centre

tel 0263-82-9363 (9:00am to 5:00pm)


October 10, 2019 Miscellaneous