Welcome to the newly opened Azumino English Web site!

The Azumino area offers a wealth of opportunity for travelers and much of its charm lies in the museums, galleries, and cultural centers hidden throughout the valley. The new Azumino website is a great resource for English speaking travelers because we will be continually updating the website with better directions, tips, events, and access points for all that Azumino has to offer.
I am continually impressed by the uniqueness of the Azumino area which has been seemingly inaccessible to travelers until now. Cozy book shops, internationally significant art galleries, locally unique ecology, rare silk, renowned wasabi farm land, specialty glass work, soba making, and some of the best landscapes and outdoor activities in all of Nagano ken.
The website is still very new, so please feel free to post comments under this blog with any questions regarding travel in the Azumino area and I will do my best to answer them or forward them onto someone who can.
Whitney Conti
(website photographer and volunteer living in the Azumino area)

January 15, 2009 Site Update