Hiking & Climbing Season

April and May sees the start of the hiking season in Azumino.
We climbed Mt. Hikarijoyama on April 18th. We enjoyed a great view of the cherry blossom canopy and the Alps.
Mt. Hikarijoyama is 912m high and can be climbed by people of all ages and abilities starting in March.
Azumino is also a ‘gateway’ to mountains in the Japanese Alps, such as Mt. Yari, Mt. Hotaka, Mt. Jonen and Mt. Tsubakuro, which are some of most popular mountains among climbers in Japan.
This year, there wasn’t as much snowfall as in the past, resulting in easier spring climbs in the higher mountains. But mountains like can have snow until June or July, so be prepared with the right equipment!

April 29, 2009 Activities

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