Hotaka Shrine Festival

May 2 to May 17, 2009
This huge festival takes place only once every 20 years, so don’t miss it! The entire wooden shrine was rebuilt after 127 years and the festival is being held to welcome the God back into the new shrine.
hotaka shrine
During the 15-day festival, there are a ton of different things taking place at the shrine.
**Performances every day from 5 to 8pm, upon the shrine’s large stage (only a few highlights are listed below)
**Around 100 life-sized dolls are displayed upon the shrine’s grounds. Normally kept in a museum, the dolls depict scenes from traditional Japanese folktales. (Lit daily until 8pm)
**A variety of food and entertainment booths
hotaka dolls
Event Highlights
May 5: <3pm> Children’s Parade (6pm if rain)
May 10: <5:30 to 7pm> Traditional music and dancing
<7 to 8pm> Taiko performance
May 16: <5:30 to 7pm> Traditional music and dancing
hotaka dancehotaka music
Note: No performances on May 8
**Stop by the excellent Visitor Center located next to Hotaka Station for more information.
English-speaking staff is usually available.
By Train: Take the Oito-sen Line from Matsumoto to Hotaka Station. The shrine is an easy 5 minute walk from the station.
By Car: Streets surrounding the shrine will be closed during the festival. While several parking lots are available in the area, expect them to be full, especially during the Golden Week holidays.

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