🍬 Ameichi-Candy market 🍬

It’s a chilly day but we can see a beautiful scenery of mountains.

I’m going to introduce you about Ameichi festival [Candy market]
which is a traditional wintertime event.

The festival was originally called Shioichi festival [Salt market].
The festival is held in various cities along “the salt road”,
Azumino,Matsumoto and Omachi etc…

They sale “Fuku-Ame” -good luck candies and fortune daruma.
The main event,good luck candy throwing will be start from 2:30p.m.




There are also many different activities and performances.
For example, many Mikoshi [portable Shinto Shrine] being carried around by groups of people.
Japanese drum performance is powerful and worth seeing!

Why don’t you come and grab the fortune 😊

Date;  2February
Time;  10a.m. start
Location;  Hotaka Shrine
Access;  Walk 5minutes from Hotaka Sta. JR Oito line

February 2, 2020 Events