Rose Garden at Toyoshina Modern Art Museum

Roses(including Banksian Rose) are their best now in the rose garden at Toyoshina Musium of Modern Art .  This musium was opened in the center of Azumino in 1992.  Situated west of the North Alps and with Utsukushigahara Highlands in the southeast.  This musium is famous for its medieval monastery-like architecture and the rose garden.  Amongst the museum’s main attractions are the works of Hiroatsu Takata and Yoshihei Miya, two of Japan’s most prominent artists throughout the 20th centry.)

In the rose garden, you can enjoy about 1,000 roses plants(500 different spicies) over the course of the year.  You can especially enjoy in Spring (from middle May to early June) and in Autumn(from late October to middle November).

It is a pity that because of new coronavirus trips are restricted this year. But we strongly hope that we can enjoy trips safely and many people visit this Museum and enjoy the roses next year.


  • Wear a mask(etc) when entering.
  • Use Alcohol(for disinfection) at the entrance.
  • Keep a distance at least 2 meters from others.
  • Only drinks are served at the Café.

Location:  5609-3 Toyoshina Azumino-shi Nagano, 399-8205 Japan

Tel: 0263-73-5638
Fax: 0263-73-6320

Access:  Walk 10 minutes from Toyoshina Station (JR Oito line)
5 minutes by taxi
10 minutes from Tazawa Station ( JR Shinonoi line)
5 minutes from Azumino Interchange by car

May 30, 2020 SightseeingSeason