Azumino Tour Bus

Hi !

From July 22nd to September 12th,
Azumino Sightseeing Bus runs everyday !


The bus departs from Hotaka Sta.(JR Oito Line)
You can go around famous tourist spots in Azumino.


East Loop Line buses go to…
➡ Daio Wasabi Farm,
➡ Hotaka Shrine,
➡ Azuminonosato, and others.


West Loop Line buses go to…
➡ Alps Azumino National Government Park,
➡ Ariakeyama Shrine,
➡ Azumino Chihiro Art Museum , and others.


<The bus fares>
One-Day Ticket/ 800 yen (for an adult)
Single Use Ticket/ 500 yen (for an adult)


*The buses are not frequent
so please make sure bus schedule !
We have a time table in English at
  in front of Hotaka sta.


Let’s take Azumino Tour Bus and
enjoy your stay in Azumino 😉  





July 23, 2016 Miscellaneous