Foot Hot Spring

Hello! There is a Foot Hot Spring which is 4.3 kilometers

from Hotaka Station (JR Oito Line). It’s free of charge!


That bathwater is not so hot but if you take your time bathing

in the hot spring, you can feel get warm gradually.

This hot spring is the perfect place to go and relax after a long hike or cycling!


It’s interesting that there is a monument of eight giant man’s faces

in the middle of the hot spring!

Who on earth is that man?! A hero or a guardian deity!?


You can also soak in a hot spring for the whole body

at neighboring Shakunage-so and Azumino Kenko-kan.

For your information,Shakunage-so is scheduled to be redeveloped

with new hot spring facilities on October 3,this year!



*Access (Nakabusa Hot Springs Bus is convenient to get to the foot hot spring.)   

➡ Bus stop   Hotaka Sta.➡Shakunage-so

Nakabusa Hot Springs Bus is running everyday on Septemer & October !

You can buy the ticket on the bus.

Fares ➡ Single Use Ticket to Shakunage-so (For an adult)/500yen

We have a map in English at Azumino Information Center

in front of Hotaka Sta. Come to visit us !

September 9, 2016 Miscellaneous

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