The Wasabi Flower Festival !!


The Wasabi Flower Festival will be held at Daio Wasabi Farm

From 14th of  March to 12th of April .

The Festival will include a “Bluefin Tuna Cutting Show”

in the Tamokuteki Hallon saturday the 21st of March ,

from 11:00 am !

The first 100 people will receive a gift of two Tuna sushi .

(please get your tickets in the main section of the Farm from 10:00am)

The first 200 people can get Tuna Donburi for only 500 yen .

(please buy your tickets from the vending machine in the restaurant from 10:00am)

Wasabi flower just started blooming so far!

Why don’t you come to Azumino with spring wind ?


March 6, 2015 Miscellaneous