Wasabi Farm in Summer

I visited the Daio Wasabi Farm on August 15th.
The best season to visit there is spring because you can see wasabi flowers and there is no covering to protect wasabi against strong sunlight like the above photo (see this photo in spring).

But in summer, the watery stream with the green of trees and grasses are beautiful and cool. The water is a natural spring, so it is extremely clear. You can take a boat trip to peek at the water and fish through the boat’s transparent bottom.
Not only the picturesque field and stream, but also the Daio Wasabi Farm’s unique wasabi culinary delights are popular. Visitors can try wasabi ice-cream (the most popular), wasabi tempura, wasabi soba noodles, wasabi beer, wasabi wine, and so on.
This time, I tried wasabi croquette and wasabi juice.

August 17, 2014 SightseeingEating OutSeason

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