Enjoy apples, rice fields, wine, and confectioneries

Course C
Get a taste of the Japanese countryside life as you ride and drop by a winery and popular confectioneries set before the Japan Alps.

20–30 kmFull day

Horigane Bussan Center (roadside station)

A popular farmers’ market and restaurant among locals. Rent a share cycle bike and head out!

2 km10 min

Horigane Area Rural Views

Rice, wheat, and soba fields spread out before you. From May to June, enjoy the beautiful greens of wheat turning to yellow and rice fields filled with water for planting. The gorgeous whites of blooming soba and the yellows of rice paddies in September signal the arrival of harvest season.

4 km20 min

Misato Area Apple Orchard

An area famous for its delicious apples. White flowers can be seen in May, while apples can be viewed from September to November.

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3 km20 min

Fine View Muroyama (hot spring and restaurant on top of a mountain) (Optional)

A hot spring area awaits you after pedaling your way up a somewhat tall mountain (you may need the electronic assist!) Take a dip in the outdoor bath while you look upon the gorgeous view of Azumino below. The view from the restaurant is also quite nice.

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2 km10 min

Azumino Winery

Tours of the vineyards and wine cellar are available, as are a shop and a cafe with terrace seating. Drinkable yogurt is also made here. Wine tastings are available, but riding a bike after having any alcohol is illegal.

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7 km30 min

HAMA Flower Park

Flowers, seedlings, succulents, and wild plants are sold at this sprawling location that also features a garden. You can also enjoy a “shopping district” where many popular local stores gather, including a grocer, a bread store, a meat vendor, a beauty salon, a Chinese restaurant, and stores selling sweet potato pastries, gelato, and Japanese gelatin products.

2 km10 min

Jokyo Gimin Memorial Museum (Optional)

This museum commemorates one of the first human rights movements in Japan. Kasuke Tada led a farmers’ rebellion against unjust levels of taxation in 1686. The leaders and their families were later executed, but this uprising is one of the first examples of a push for democratic rights in Japan.

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2 km10 min

Kaiundo Azumino Kayutei

A famous confectionery in Matsumoto that makes and sells Japanese and Western sweets. A cafe and tours are available.

2 km10 min

Horigane Bussan Center

Once you are finished cycling your heart out, be sure to return your shared cycle before heading off to your next destination!

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Other Courses

Course A3–5 hours11 km

Wasabi Farm, Hotaka Shrine, and Swiss Village

This course will take you to Azumino’s most popular spots including the famous Daio Wasabi Farm. Along the way, you’ll cycle among the rice paddies and farms, see local shrines and temples, and ride along rivers flowing with crystal-clear water. You’ll also have picture-perfect panoramic views of the breathtaking Japan Alps!

Course BFull day20-30 km

Hot Springs, Art Museums, and Local Cafes

This course is for those who’d like to go on a longer ride or even overnight in one of Azumino’s ryokan. You’ll head towards the foot of the mountains where you can relax in luxury at the many hot springs in the area, dine at chic cafes and bakeries, and visit a few of the town’s trendy art museums. You can also extend your ride to the Chihiro Art Museum and park in the neighboring Matsukawa Village. This course has some hills but with an electric-assist bike, they should be fairly easy to climb.

Or, create your own route with Azumino’s downloadable cycling map!


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