Visit hot Springs, art museums, and local cafes

Course B
Head toward the mountains to indulge in the hot springs, delightful treats, and Azumino’s trendy art world.

20–30 kmFull day

This course is for those who’d like to go on a longer ride or even overnight in one of Azumino’s ryokan. You’ll head towards the foot of the mountains where you can relax in luxury at the many hot springs in the area, dine at chic cafes and bakeries, and visit a few of the town’s trendy art museums. You can also extend your ride to the Chihiro Art Museum and park in the neighboring Matsukawa Village. This course has some hills but with an electric-assist bike, they should be fairly easy to climb.


Hotaka Station

Rent a bike at one of the rental shops in front of the station, gather maps and other information at the Tourist Information Center (also by the station), and head out!

4.25 km20 min

Hot Spring Footbath and Shakunagenoyu Day-visit Spa

After coming all the way from Hotaka Station, give your feet a rest in the free outdoor footbath which runs with hot spring water. The footbath features an impressive stone statue of an eight-faced demon once said to rule the area. For a full body soak in the hot spring, you can also visit Shakunagenoyu, a day-visit spa. You may also want to check out the Vif Hotaka Farmers Market next door.

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600 m3 min

Herb Square

Take a walk through the spacious European-style herb garden and enjoy some herb tea on the cafe’s lovely tea terrace. If you are interested in herbal beauty, teas, and aromatherapy, be sure to check out Herb Square’s shop as well!

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Nearby Shops

500 m3 min

Saint Honore Cafe & Bakery

This bakery and cafe offers a large variety of breads and pastries that you can get to-go or eat in. They also offer lunch plates with sandwiches, salads, and pizza. Saint Honore would be a perfect place to grab lunch or to stock up on on-the-go snacks!

1.3 km7 min

Patisserie “Pourquoi Pas?”

This shop specializes in beautiful French-style cakes which you can order by the slice and enjoy in the cafe making it the perfect place to stop by for an after-lunch dessert. They also offer lunch plates such as curry and pasta if you are in search for a proper meal. Besides Pourquoi Pas, there are a number of other nice cafes in the area you can visit as well.

600 m3 min

Tensan Silk Museum

Visit this free museum to learn about Japan’s unique Tensan silk worm—silk worms raised in the natural environment—and silk-related culture, history, and fashion in Japan. You will find silk kimono, natural silk thread, looms, photos, and more on display. Silk products also available for sale in their shop.

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400 m2 min

Off-the-beaten path

Take a detour through the back roads! There may be some gravel areas so be careful.

Nearby Shops

3 km15 min

Yama-no-Takohei Hot Spring and Ryokan

Yama-no-Takohei has a huge hot spring bath the size of a swimming pool. It is open to day trip visitors from 10:00 to 21:00 (cost is only ¥500). After a long bike ride, nothing would feel better than soaking in a hot spring! The ryokan is also a great option if you are looking for a traditional Japanese inn to stay at (see more on their website).

5 km25 min

Igupan Bakery (Optional)

A quaint, family-run bakery that makes all sorts of tasty Japanese-style bread including breads with sweet fillings, dried fruits and nuts, and more. Many of the breads are roll-sized so they make a perfect snack for recharging on your long ride. There is a small cafe space so you can eat at the bakery. Igupan also offers light lunch plates and various drinks.

700 m4 min

Chihiro Art Museum (Optional)

See the work of the famous Japanese artist Chihiro Iwasaki and other prominent picture book illustrators. The art museum is surrounded by a spacious park that would make an excellent place for a picnic. There is also a train car that housed a picture book library and an old classroom. On a nice day, you will have a great view of the mountains and landscape!

7–13 km30–60 min

Hotaka Station or Your Hotel in the Area

Once you are finished cycling your heart out, head back to the station or your local hotel!

Nearby Shops


Other Courses

Course A3–5 hours11 km

Wasabi Farm, Hotaka Shrine, and Swiss Village

This course will take you to Azumino’s most popular spots including the famous Daio Wasabi Farm. Along the way, you’ll cycle among the rice paddies and farms, see local shrines and temples, and ride along rivers flowing with crystal-clear water. You’ll also have picture-perfect panoramic views of the breathtaking Japan Alps!

Course CFull day20-30 km

Apples, Rice Fields, Wine, and Confectioneries

Get a taste of the Japanese countryside life as you ride and drop by a winery and popular confectioneries set before the Japan Alps. Ride past gorgeous rice fields and apple orchards that signal the changing of the seasons, and also enjoy museums about human rights and mountaintop hot springs.

Or, create your own route with Azumino’s downloadable cycling map!


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