Full Opening Of This Site

We celebrated the opening of our new English Web site for Azumino on June 7th. Since our pre-open in January, we added links for the “Tourist Info Center”, “Suggested Routes & Map”, “Eating Out”, “Events”, and “Guestbook”. We encourage and look forward to any posts, comments, or questions in the Guestbook!
On our opening day, we celebrated with a BBQ party at Tenpyo-no-mori BBQ house at Mt. Nagamine. We enjoyed the food, nature and fantastic view from the mountain and hope our website will help you also enjoy the hidden wonders of the Azumino valley and Japanese Alps range.
There is such an enormous wealth of events, galleries, and changing activity in the Azumino valley that we hope you will continue to check-in with the website for new posts and information as the year continues!

June 16, 2009 Site Update